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Apply to be a

Crown and Collar

Service Submissive


The Crown and Collar Society is currently recruiting kinksters who want to perform high protocol service submission at private events.

The Crown and Collar Society is a private social club who's members are enthusiasts of the beauty and elegance of high protocol as understood within “The Ritual of Dominance and Submission: A Guide to High Protocol” and Miller’s “Encyclopedia of Etiquette (1967). Our private events are not your typical lifestyle or kink community socials and events. Our Board of Directors meticulously craft each event to be elegantly licentious experiences that reflect the uncompromising standards of our members.

Crown and Collar Service Submissives are trained and mentored by experienced peer Prefect submissives and professional Dominants with years of experience in the kink community

Compensation includes: 

  • Paid service submission and brand ambassadors at lifestyle and kink events

  • Scholarship to attend the premier High Protocol Training Series

  • Mentorship with professional Dominants and experienced service submissives

  • Access to elite and exclusive lifestyle and kink parties

  • Membership in the exclusive Crown and Collar Society

  • Fully trained service submissives earn a rate that is highly competitive with premier event promoters 

Apply to the
Board of Directors to be Considered for a Service Submissive Position
Please select all relavent experence to be considered. Makre sure that yo reference this in the above field.
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Thanks for submitting!

The Internal Affairs Committee will review your application. 
If your application meets the minimum requirements they will forward your  petition to the Board of Directors for approval. 

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